A little history

I’m Sue Jalowiec, a long-time hand and machine knitter (and seamstress). I purchased Bonnie Triola Yarns when she retired a number of years ago.

In 2010, I was complaining to my friend and co-worker, Matthew Friedman (a programmer) that I was frustrated with writing knitting patterns by hand (I’m not a math person).

I would do all the math for a design based on a yarn I had for sale, then I’d sell out and the yarn was no longer available. Of course, the pattern was no longer valid unless I could match the exact gauge.

“It’s only Math”…..  Matt and I started working on our pattern “engine” shortly after. This allowed me to come up with a design and allow knitters to use any yarn and any knitting machine … even hand knitting.

Knit it Now Original Home Page

Knit it Now was born

The website grew to include our Basics Blueprints, Video Instruction (our Learning Library), Machine Knitting Courses, Stitch Patterns, Knitters Math Tools,  etc… we grew and grew and grew ….

What can Knit it Now Do for YOU?

Today we offer so much!

The Learning Library has easily searchable videos, tutorials grouped into series by topic.  Our Machine Knitting Courses tackle individual topics in an interactive, step-by-step format, helping you learn and master new skills.

We still offer yarn on cones. Sadly, the availability of yarn on cones has diminished so much over the years, we are pleased to be able to offer yarn from Jaggerspun (US), Tamm (Mexico), and we are the US distributor for Yeoman Yarns (UK).
In addition we offer a wide range of both printed books and downloadable eBooks for machine knitters.

Our dynamic “Basics” Blueprints are the heart of our Knit section. Take a basic shape, knit it with any yarn on any machine … with any stitch pattern and make it your own! We also have some “vintage” pattern available that are inspirational in style and techniques.

Part of our “Knit” section are Projects. These are designed as quick knitting projects that you can make in a weekend. They often focus on a single technique allowing you to try the technique before committing to an entire garment. Don’t  just knit swatches, we encourage you to “play” with a finished item.

Did I mention our Knitter’s Math Tools? Let us do the math for you!

In looking back, I’m always amazed at how much we have accomplished in the last 7+ years. A knitter and a non-knitting programmer … who knew?

Thank YOU for your continued support!

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