Yarn for the LK-150 Knitting Machine

Expand your horizons with your LK-150 knitting machine by using skinny yarn. Use sock yarn on your LK-150? Sure. You might be surprised at the results you can get by using different yarns with your machine.

Try Skinny Yarn on your LK-150

Expand your horizons with your LK-150 knitting machine by using skinny yarn. Use sock yarn on your LK-150? Sure. You might be surprised at the results you can get by using different yarns with your machine.

Hi, I’m Sue, the voice and the hands behind the Knit it Now videos. For over 10 years, we’ve been helping knitters just like you learn more about their knitting machines and yarn and have success with their machine knitting.

Let’s take a look as we play with some skinny yarn and get some surprising results.

The terms used to describe yarn weights are really subjective and regional. But let’s use the craft yarn counsel’s numbered standards for today’s conversation.

Often LK-150 knitters use worsted weight yarn, a medium or a number 4 yarn. This is a very common weight used by hand knitters, and it’s part of the appeal of the LK-150. Knitters who are new to machine knitting, are comfortable with this yarn. It hand knits on a size 7 or 9 US hand knitting needle.

Depending on the yarn, machine knitters would knit this at a tension 6 to 8 on the LK-150. Now something to keep in mind. Again, these terms and these categories are very subjective. A lot depends on the fiber and the twist of the yarn. These two yarns are categorized as a 4 or a medium, but they knit up very differently. One is more loosely twisted than the other.

With that being said, have you tried a lighter weight yarn on your machine?

There are very few hard and fast rules and machine knitting, but there are a few things to consider. If you want to learn more about your machine and yarn, please subscribe to this channel. Just click the little button below, click the little bell and be reminded every time we post a new video. We put up a new video every week with the goal of helping you be a better machine knitter.

I’m going to knit a get-acquainted swatch and put my machine through its paces with this yarn. I bet you’re asking what’s a get-acquainted swatch? It’s a way of determining. What tension you like to knit a yarn at.

What are the results at a specific tension with a specific yarn that you like?

We talk more about get-acquainted swatches in a video here on YouTube. Click the little link above and I’ll put a link down in the notes to that video. And this is a skill that you need to learn to play with different yarns on your knitting machine.

First consider your mast tension. The yarn I’m using is Yeoman’s Sport and it’s actually quite fine, and I would consider it more of a sock weight yarn. So there is that terminology again, potato, potatoe, sock weight, DK, four-ply eight-ply.

When I thread up my mast, I immediately noticed that set at tension 5.The yarn was slack and the take-up spring was standing straight up. It wasn’t doing its job of tensioning the yarn.

I turned the dial down to 1. I tightened it all the way and this feels better as I thread up my carriage and get started knitting.

The next thing to consider is the carriage tension.

This controls the stitch size. I went ahead and cast on at about a tension 3 so I could just easily get some stitches on the needles, but I’ll start knitting my swatch at tension 1. Then a few rows. The machine is knitting the stitches. Well, no loops or struggles. The carriage isn’t hard to push. So I know after that first row or two, that tension 1 is possible and I’ll continue knitting a few inches, but I can tell right away that the knitting is really tight.

Moving up to tension 2, I’ll knit a few inches and the knitting that the fabric is starting to feel a whole lot better.

Move up to tension 3 and I’m really liking tension 3.

Tension 4 started to get sloppy and not what I would want. Now, this is again, very, very subjective. You may love this yarn at tension 4 or 5 and it would create a beautiful, very drapey fabric. But for the project I have in mind, intention 4 or 5 probably won’t work for me.

Now, after I dropped this get acquainted swatch off the machine, I dressed it. This means I washed it steamed, it, did everything to it that I will do to my final garment. And then this now will be the final test to determine what I really like.

Now that I have determined what I like, the next step is to knit a proper gauge swatch and establish the gauge for my project with this yarn. I’m not going to use this get acquainted swatch. I need to knit a proper gauge swatch that I can get an accurate gauge.

The bottom line behind this whole experiment, can I use skinny yarns on my LK-150?

Yes. Will I be happy with the results? Absolutely. And I’ve opened up a wide range of possibilities for using different yarns with my knitting machine.

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Happy knitting.

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