Machine Knitting Glossary

If you’ve used any vintage hand knitting patterns or books you’ll find them littered with abbreviations: BB, COL, COBH, DBJ, FNR

These days we aren’t limited to typewritten pages and patterns and publications can be more clear.

But if you are new to machine knitting some of the terminology can be confusing. BACK BED, CARRIAGE ON THE LEFT, CAST ON BY HAND, DOUBLE BED JACQUARD, FULL NEEDLE RIB

Knit it Now to the rescue! Our Machine Knitters Glossary has been expanded and continues to grow. (suggested additions are gladly accepted)

When we created the original version of this glossary, we were investigating accommodating our knitting friends that spoke other languages. With the community’s help many of the terms were translated.

Sadly we quickly discovered that the whole translation project was WAY BEYOND the scope of what we could accomplish. (we’d rather be knitting)

BUT as you probably have learned, your browser allows you to translate web pages. Our glossary is a web page … Voila – let Mr. Google help.

So if you run across a term or abbreviation that is unfamiliar or unclear, check out the Knit it Now Machine Knitters Glossary.

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