Broken Needle? LK-150

Broken, bent needle? No problem! Quickly replace a needle on your LK-150 knitting machine without tears. It’s especially easy with this knitting machine.
As machine knitters we need to be resourceful. When a needle breaks, take a deep breath and replace it! Get back to knitting quickly.

Remove the Broken Needle

  • Remove the carriage, yarn mast and clamps
  • If you can, close the latch of the broken needle (to help it slip out more easily)
  • Grab the butt of the needle (if the plastic cap pops off .. just grab the metal butt)
  • Pull up enough so the needle clears the back of the bed
  • Pull the needle back (it should slip out easily

Replace the Needle

If you don’t have a replacement on hand, you can always borrow one of the end needles for now, but you’ll want to replace that needle as soon as you can.

  • Turn the machine over and notice the sponge. If that sponge seems flat or it’s deteriorated at all, now’s probably a good time to replace it.
  • Notice how the remaining needles are held in place with that sponge. They’re positioned under the sponge bar
  • Turn the bed back over
  • Slip the new needle into the empty slot
  • Turn the bed over and notice where the needle exits the slot
  • Push the needle down and forward (use both hands)
  • Thread the needle under the sponge and back into the slot
  • Positioned correctly, the new needle should slip back and forth smoothly like the rest of the needles

Once you get a feel for this, you won’t need to turn the machine over. The idea is to make sure you “thread” the new needle correctly over the sponge.

Once you’ve gained some confidence in replacing a needle it’s not a big deal. Be sure and check out your sponge bar regularly and have some replacements handy in case something like this happens again.

Until next time. Happy knitting.

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