3 Knitting Machine Ribber Tricks

Using a ribber opens up so many possibilities for machine knitters.

Here are 3 tips to help you master working with the double bed.

First … even weight. For success with your ribber it’s critical that you maintain even weight on your knitting. We use a ribber cast on comb to ensure that the stitches on both beds knit off correctly

The key is making sure that cast on comb is centered and balanced. Use a bit of nail polish or a sharpie marker and mark the center tooth of the comb.

When you insert the comb, you can easily position it using the marked tooth.

Speaking of even weight, sometimes you’ll find the edge stitches are dropping or not knitting properly. Using wire weight hangers can help. Simply slip the wire between the beds and hang a small claw weight. Move the hanger up every few inches as you knit.

No matter what needle arrangement, 1×1 or full needle rib, This tip will really save dropped stitches on the edges of your double bed knitting.

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We’ve put together a whole classroom and even have a Ribber Bootcamp if you are just getting started.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always losing my double eye needle. I’ve even purchased extras and those little things like to play hide and seek.

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Did you know you can quickly transfer stitches between beds using 2 transfer tools instead? It takes a little practice, but this trick really comes in handy.

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