Quick ‘n Easy Knitted Ear Warmers

Use your ribber for a quick project. Fisherman Rib or English Rib (Half-Fisherman Rib) stitch patterns are reversible, soft, and stretchy.
For ear warmers, there is practically no finishing!

Make these useful ear warmers for fast gifts or craft fair sales.

Leave them plain or dress them up with flowers or buttons … get creative! Use your ribber and practice this easy tuck rib technique.

Machine Knit Twisted Ear Warmer
Machine Knit Ear Warmer – Twisted Fisherman Rib Style

How many stitches and rows to knit?
Use the FREE Knit it Now Rectangle/Square Tool to calculate your pattern based on YOUR gauge.

No Ribber? No Problem?
Hand manipulate Fisherman and English Rib on ANY machine – this video shows you how to work this stitch pattern on the LK-150.

Quick Win: 4 Styles to Choose

  • Choose a Style (Buttoned, Rolled, Twisted, Wrapped)
  • Choose your Yarn and Stitch Pattern
  • Knit a Swatch and Create your pattern
  • Get Knitting!

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