Over the years, automatic patterning on knitting machines matured. Early machines had buttons to push to create stitch patterns. Later, punchcards mechanisms were introduced and finally, electronics were added.

knitting machine punchcards
Knitting Machine punchcard device

If you have an 8 stitch, 12 stitch, or 24 stitch punchcard machine … or even a fancy electronic machine, there is a wealth of stitch pattern designs available for today’s knitters to use.

Think of stitch pattern designs in terms of “repeats” or “stitch multiples”

2 or 4 stitch repeat can be used on an 8, 12, or 24 stitch machine

A 12 stitch multiple (shown here on a 24 stitch card) could easily be used on a 12 stitch machine

Thinking in Stitch Multiples will help you find the perfect stitch pattern to use with your machine.

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