Deep V-Neck with Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns

Are you looking for a V-Neck pattern in the Knit it Now Basics Collection? We have them in every size. BUT …. currently, the V depth is no deeper than the armhole depth.

This is just a math thing … the way the patterns were originally created. Almost 10 years ago … yikes!!!

We plan to add a Deep V neck option to the basics … Oh … the never-ending “to-do” list! 😊

Knit Club #119 Mix ‘n Match Stitch Patterns (Knit it Now Subscriber Bonus)

For now, if you’d like a deeper V, we’ll ask you to do a little substitution of your own.
Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the math. Here are the steps.

Choose and build your Basic Pattern – It can be a round neck or V-neck – you’ll be ignoring the neckline shaping for your new deep V design.

Determine the depth of your V and the starting row in the pattern

Use the Knit it Now Magic Formula Tool to establish the shaping instructions for your V neckline.

Start your new V neck shaping at the starting row you determined in Step 2 and replace the pattern neckline shaping with the instructions generated by the Magic Formula Tool

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