Lace Pattern for any Knitting Machine

Do you love lace? Knitting lace on the knitting machines doesn’t have to be hard.

  1. No lace carriage
  2. No tedious following charts row by row
  3. No stitch Transfers
  4. Use any gauge knitting machine

The Multiple Waves stitch pattern is worked with partial knitting. It’s as rhythmic as waves breaking on the beach.

lace on the knitting machine.
Multiple Waves for any knitting machine

This machine knit stitch pattern is worked by putting small groups of needles into hold and working partial knitting. By alternating the groups of needles in work, the waves are formed. Reversing the partial knitting sequence, creates the subsequent waves.

Although beautiful in 2 colors as shown, it’s equally pretty in a solid, variegated, gradient or kettle dyed yarn.

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