6 Fabulous Hem Alternatives

“I don’t want ribbing on my sweaters”

Have you heard that before? The hems on today’s fashions are straight and “unfinished”. If there is ribbing, it is loose and blocked out.

Here are 6 Alternatives to ribbing at the bottom of your sweaters

Let it Roll! Embrace the tendency of stockinette to roll and use it as a decorative hem.
Rolled Hem Study
Crisp Rolled Edge
Hand knit garter stitch (knit every row). Cast on 10% less stitches and knit garter stitch for the desired length. Then hang the knitting on the machine AND increase to the instructed number of stitches.
A chained hem is an alternative. Can be worked on the public or the private side.
Chained Hem
Classic Hung Hems.
Hung Hem Basics
Knit it Now Favorite Hem.
Perfect Designer Hems
Feminine Scallops.
Scalloped Eyelet Hem

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