Neckband and Collars in DesignaKnit – Original Pattern Drafting

Bit Size DesignaKnit

DesignaKnit doesn’t automatically create pieces for neckbands and collars to use in Original Pattern Drafting. (It doesn’t create a “piece” for neckbands)
Learn to create and customize your own neckband and collar pieces with minimal fuss

New Bite Size DAK Video – Collars and Bands


NOTE: For a more detailed tutorial, look for the Video in the Knit it Now Learning Library “DesignaKnit: Neckbands and Collars”


In Original Pattern Drafting:

Measure the neck opening edge

Create a new PIECE
Size the piece to fit


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One thought on “Neckband and Collars in DesignaKnit – Original Pattern Drafting

  1. Author

    Knit it Now

    October 20, 2017 at 4:43pm

    This tip helps you create pieces that you can use for collars and neckbands when working in Original Pattern drafting.

    DAK creates text knitting instructions in Standard Garment Styling. Use the text summary format when printing.

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