Bite Size DesignaKnit: Stitch Designer Pointer Positioning


The pointer positioning indicator can come in handy when you need to precisely position a stitch symbol or color. It’s a whole lot easier than counting boxes! 🙂

But most of the time the little box gets in the way.  You can close it or move it out of the way, but you can also toggle it on and off from the menu at the top of the screen.


designaknit tips


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One thought on “Bite Size DesignaKnit: Stitch Designer Pointer Positioning

  1. Anne Windh

    August 13, 2017 at 9:27am

    I love all the techie info. I am a long time knitter but not much in the later year. I have trouble with getting the swatch right, Am knitting a shell in a good quality cotton. Lace and plain. at armhole took it off machine, it is over 2 inch. too wide. I used an old swatch from long time ago, same yarn, same machine. That dress was perfect fit. I believe swatch was washed before measuring then. Maybe therefore it is way too wide? but over 2 inches?? I don’t have enough yarn to waste on many swatches. Should I gamble, finish the front, wash it , see how it comes out Could someone please give me a hint??? Thank you for an excellent Knitters Edge.

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