For machine knitters, leaving needles out of work can create very interesting fabric.

In plain stockinette you will get open columns that create a light and airy fabric. Combine needles out of work with tuck for beautiful lace-like knitting (Tuck Lace) without any stitch transfers.

What is the best bind off when you have needles out of work?

  • If your machine has gatepegs, use the round-the-gatepeg bind off and work a chain in the spaces where the needles are out of work. This maintains the opening and the bind off is neat and tidy.
  • If you want more stretch to the bind off edge, bind off around 2 gatepegs and/or add 2 chains in the spaces where the needles are out of work.

If your machine doesn’t have gatepegs, this technique can be applied as well.

Experiment with your needle setup and yarn to see what works best.


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