Take Tuck to a new level … on any machine! This is an excellent study in tuck stitch.
The Author uses basic punchcards. She varies the sequence of patterns and even combines several designs for magnificent tuck stitch fabrics. Her ideas can be used on non-patterning machines by hand pulling needles. Using electronic machines makes mix and match stitch designs easy!

The photos of the knitted stitch patterns are full page size. This helps you visualize the finished fabric and apply it to your project.

She incorporates color changes, needles out of work – a little hand manipulation … the ideas are amazing and timeless!
Unlike some books from the 70’s, this book is fresh and useful for today’s knitters. This is a valuable resource and a “must have” for every machine knitter.

Sadly, the book has been out of print for some time, but you can find copies at reasonable prices at Amazon and on eBay.