Pants Fitting

Don’t feel badly if any of the below facts apply to the body you happened to have inherited. You’re in great company. And, remember the saying “Nobody’s Perfect”. In this case those words have a definite meaning.

So, take a deep breath, stand tall, and get ready to look long and hard into a mirror for a truthful evaluation of what you have to work with, or over.  Then take measurements and knit garments that will flatter the figure you have!

  1. Thighs measure larger than hips – Saddle Bags, Thigh Bulges.
  2. Bulges at high hip, just below waistline – Low Love Handles.
  3. One hip higher than other – from carrying the kids.
  4. One thigh larger than other – carrying the kids again.
  5. Heavy thighs that touch, from crotch down almost to knee.
  6. Knees that bump together with opening above – Knock Knees.
  7. Gaps between legs from crotch to ankle – Bow Legs.
  8. Natural waistline is lower in front – front tilt.
  9. Natural waistline is lower in back – Sway Back.
  10. Natural waistline rides up over a poochy tummy.
  11. Excessively wide crosswise in hip area.
  12. Flat shaped, or no derriere to speak of
  13. A prominent, or protruding, posterior – Back Porch
  14. Any combination of the above.
  15. All of the above.
Jodie Raymond’s e-Book “Let’s Knit Some Slacks” offers suggestions for alterations to slacks patterns to accommodate these types of figure flaws

  • Crotch width
  • Crotch depth
  • Darts

Plus ideas for knitting custom styles to match current fashions!


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