Has this happened to you? You are knitting a complicated stitch pattern or you’ve just worked a very detailed hem.

The power goes out, or you drop a stitch, or your yarn breaks or something catastrophic happens.
What do do? Drop the work from the machine and start over?

Heavens no!!!

Lifelines for machine knitters

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machine knitting tips Plan ahead! Add lifelines at regular intervals
Use a double eye needle or a tapestry needle and a smooth, contrasting color yarn.

Run it through each of the stitches of a row. Note the row number or place in the pattern repeat.

machine knitting tips
machine knitting tips If (when) disaster strikes, you may have to rip … but only to the point of your last lifeline.
With each live stitch “secured” with the lifeline, you can pick up stitches and re-hang them on the machine.

Then continue knitting.

machine knitting tips
Fewer tears …. guaranteed!
Saved by the lifeline!
machine knitting tips


For more lifeline techniques, please watch the video “Lifelines: A Knitter’s Best Friend”