Need a 3rd hand?

Tame that yarn tail when you are casting on or changing colors with your knitting machine.

Put a little extra weight on the tail with a clothespin or clip of some sort.  Not only will the initial cast on row be neater, the first few stitches of the next few rows will form properly, making seaming easier.

Some of you younger knitters may not know what a clothespin is … believe it or not, once upon a time, people put their clothes on lines out in the sun and wind to dry … but that’s a story for another time   ;o)


Remember Clothespins?


Any clip will work, (binder clips from the office supply will work in a pinch), but I like chip clips that are coated with a rubber type material. They hold the yarn firmly.

Whatever type of clip you use, store it around the base of your mast for easy access.

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