Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret?

I  had to wait for everyone to be out of the house.  Snuck the package into my studio.  Had to hide the packing material evidence.

Shhhh…..Don’t tell my better half …. I adopted a new machine!

My new-to-me Brother KX 350 is so much fun!  The 350 is a lighweight (translated: plastic bed) mid-gauge machine.  No patterning, minimum of levers and buttons and knits like a dream!

Reasons for the addition:

  • I “loaned” my Silver Reed LK150 to a knitter
  • I NEEDED a mid-gauge machine
  • It was such a deal!
  • I can take it with me when I travel
  • I needed a mid-gauge to test some new hand knitting yarns that we are promoting with Laurel at
  • Did I mention it was a great deal?
  • Does any of this sound familar?  LOL
  • #NeverTooManyKnittingMachines

BTW – I picked up my new machine from listing our the Knit it Now Classifieds pages.  This service is free and has found new homes for many machines, books and accessories.


My first test with my new machine:

Seraina from Lang yarns

The unusual construction of this yarn appealed to me, plus it’s a closeout $5 off per ball!


Seraina: Unusual construction – great colors!

Seraina: Swatched with both the mid-gauge and standard


I plan to knit a machine knitting version of this summer top.  What will  you knit with this interesting yarn?

Stay tuned! (Mine will be pink and purple .. .can’t wait!)



Dragon Shawl – Kit and Machine Knitting Course

Dragon Shawl – Kit and Machine Knitting Course

The Kit Kit Details

Based on the Lang hand knitting pattern, the kit includes:

  • 3-100 gram balls of DiPinto yarn
  • Your choice of colorway
  • The original Lang HK pattern


The Yarn: Yarn Info

This is a high-quality, beautiful yarn from Lang (in balls)

  • Easy care – washable wool and Acrylic
  • 100 gram balls
  • 8 Gorgeous colorways

Machine Knitting Course: The Course

  • A complete Knit it Now step-by-step Course is available for knitting your shawl on the standard gauge machine or mid-gauge machine.

Use any machine to knit your Dragon!
On the bulky machine, just cast on half the number of stitches in the pattern and work the shaping over half the number of stitches as well. You may want to invest in a extra ball of yarn … just to be sure
Standard Bulky
29 sts / 43 rows
Tension 8
20 sts/ 32 rows
Tension 1



Bulky tension 1 on left – Standard tension 8 on right


Find your Stuff – Knit it Now Account Dashboard

Find your Stuff – Knit it Now Account Dashboard

Did you know? ….

You can find all of your purchases, your subscriber bonuses, patterns, ebooks and everything in your Personal Library by clicking “Account”.

We just updated the Account page

  • Displays the information faster
  • You can search categories
  • Sort the information to find just what you need

Please let us know what you think!


Backwards and upside down

Backwards and upside down


Tubular knitting is an easy technique and has lots of possibilities, but . . . . how do you bind off?

Think about it … maybe you normally use a round-the-gate peg bind off, and you start on the right side of the main bed. What happens when it comes time to bind off the ribber stitches … ever try working backwards and upside down on the ribber?
To bind off circular knitting, knit a few rows of waste yarn and drop the work from the machine. Then you have some better bind off choices:

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