Color Play – a Confession

Color Play – a Confession

A confession … I’m not very good with color. I’m a “plain jane” knitter. If it’s not a single color, I tend to choose 3 shades of blue to be safe.

With that being said, our most recent pillow project (Make it Your Way Diagonal Pillow) cried for some color. I went to my stash and found a few cones of Yeoman Tibet. But what colors worked?

Many years ago, at a seminar, I remember the demonstrator (I think it was Michael Becker) suggested the following method to choose colors.

Yeoman Tibet – 3 ply – Wool, Silk and Nylon

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Machine Knit – 2 hour Baby Cardigan – Start to Finish

Machine Knit – 2 hour Baby Cardigan – Start to Finish

Don’t just watch videos, take action and GET KNITTING!

The 2 Hour Baby Cardigan is an

INTERACTIVE MACHINE KNITTING COURSE  for advanced beginners to help you build your knitting muscles and help you gain confidence in your machine knitting skills.

Start to finish instruction for a 1 piece baby cardigan. The unusual construction will help you polish your skills and create a cute-as-can-be sweater. … get knitting!

  • Start-to-finish videos
  • “Think-outside-the-box” techniques
  • Custom, personalized pattern included

You’re the designer – you choose the stitch pattern, number of buttons and finishing techniques … Use any yarn and any machine …. we do all the math!

Don’t just watch …. follow the practice exercises .. .customize your pattern and get knitting!

The Dynamic Pattern is included ($12.99 value)

machine knitting courses discount

GG, Nm, YPP … Huh??

GG, Nm, YPP … Huh??

There are a number of systems that are used to refer to the various weights of fiber. From thread to yarn to carpet fibers, various industries use different methods.

For domestic knitting machines, we often talk about 4.5mm or 9mm machines (standard and bulky gauge).

Industrial machines are referred to by GG (gauge).

In this context, gauge is the number of NEEDLES in one inch. Our standard gauge (4.5mm) machines fall into the 7 GG category.

Appropriate yarn for this gauge of machine is 4.5 Nm to 7 Nm.
1 Nm equals 1000 meters in one Kilogram(2.2 pounds).

Knit it Now uses yards per pound (YPP) to compare yarns. Below is a helpful chart that translates Nm counts to yards per pound.

Notice that a standard gauge machine is in the 2000 – 2500 YPP range.


Lost tools ….

Lost tools ….

Has this ever happened to you?

I spent the better part of 10 minutes looking for my latch tool. I finally gave up and checked my email …. hmmmm…. how did that get there?

I’ve heard of knitters who wear an apron with pockets to corral their tools, others just purchase extras to use until the original shows up.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve discovered a lost tool?

We’ve been a bit quiet lately …..

We’ve been a bit quiet lately …..

We’ve been a bit quiet lately …..

We’ve been heads down,developing our new INTERACTIVE course platform.

We are so excited about this new addition to the website, we couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

Watch videos, follow instruction, work practice exercises, build custom patterns, upload photos ….

Don’t just watch, get involved with your course and stretch your knitting muscles!

We are still tweaking things a bit and adding new content … so stay tuned!

TRY IT YOURSELF!     Play with our new course platform

Oops! Hate when that happens!

Oops!  Hate when that happens!

Has this ever happened to you?

You want a quick open cast on … you grab a swatch, hang it on the needles and knit a row of ravel cord.

After knitting a few rows, you realize that something is wrong …


Looking closely, you can see that I put the strands of the swatch over 2 needles incorrectly.

Lesson Learned:

  1. Don’t be in such a hurry … use a different cast on
  2. Get up and retrieve a “proper” cast on rag
  3. Back away from the machine and go take a walk!

Haven’t tried a cast on rag?

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Repeat after me … insert your punchcard like this …..

Repeat after me … insert your punchcard like this …..

I have to admit, I don’t use punchcards much … OK – that’s my excuse for today’s boo-boo.

Can you see how the punchcard jammed as I was knitting? Not only did I put it in upside down (notice the numbers on the left), but I didn’t pay attention to how the card join was lapped.  Arghhh!!!!!


Pay attention! Jammed punchcard



Lesson learned:  After inserting your punchcard, be sure to overlap it so it will cleanly rotate through the punchcard drum.



Overlapped correctly