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Easy Color Block Poncho

Easy Color Block Poncho



Color Block Poncho – Easy knitting!

Geometric color play and unusual construction makes this poncho a winner! Machine knit in panels and use the sew-as-you-go joining method, and you’ll be done in no time!

The dynamic pattern allows you to knit this beautiful poncho on any machine with any yarn. We knit ours in plain stockinette, but it would be great with a textured stitch pattern as well.

Pattern and Project (with video instruction) are free with your subscription to Knit it Now. The project will walk you through knitting your poncho and give you lots of tips for making it special. Also included is a video to help you alter this unusual shape for your size.

Included with the pattern purchase are 2 videos to help you put together this unusual shape.

Color Block Poncho Construction (Free Preview)
Altering the Color Block Poncho

Subscribers: Included is the Weekend Project to inspire your knitting

10 steps to work your MK muscles

10 steps to work your MK muscles

We get many questions about the “best” machine to buy. Knitters are always looking for the “perfect” yarn.

The response is simple … What is your knitting goal?

  • Do you want to knit high-fashion sweaters for yourself?
  • Are you looking for long-wearing garments for kids or grand kids?
  • Do you want to duplicate hand knitting patterns you’ve seen?
  • Love that ready made sweater and want to knit one in your favorite color?
  • Are you looking to knit dishcloths, pillows, throws and home dec items?

If your goal is one or all of these, you need to get focused to achieve your goal.

When you have daily or weekly knitting time, put it to good use by having a plan.

10 Steps building your machine knitting muscle (and having success):

machine knitting success

  1. Choose your project.
    If it’s been a while since you’ve touched your machine, select something simple. A hat or blanket for charity will get you started. don’t just play with techniques, knit a simple sweater that will keep someone warm and envelope them with love.
  2. Choose your yarn.
    Do you love natural fibers? Are you looking for easy-care? Study all the beautiful yarns that are available or choose your favorite yarn from your stash. Don’t grab the cheapest, ugly color … who can jump-start their creativity by knitting with ugly yarn?
  3. Swatch
    Swatching is NOT optional. Have you every knit something that came out the wrong size? The feeling of failure could have been avoided by knitting a gauge swatch and measuring correctly.
  4. Choose a pattern
    Don’t get carried away and spend a day looking through your bookshelf or the web for the perfect pattern. Identify what it is you want to knit. Don’t add to your wish list … KNIT! For sweaters, use the Knit it Now Basics. Identify the shape of your sweater, choose a size, enter your gauge and knit your one-of-a-kind sweater.
  5. Check the math
    Double and triple check your gauge and the sweater dimensions BEFORE knitting. If the pattern says the finished bust is 44″, how does that compare to a sweater you have in your closet? What about the sleeve length?
  6. Enjoy the knitting process
    Don’t try to knit an entire sweater in one day! Sure machine knitters can do this, but you will be more prone to mistakes and get aggravated. 9 times out of 10 you will make a mistake on the second piece and be pulling your hair out by the 3 or 4th piece. Knit one piece today. Take notes, let the piece rest overnight and measure. If you want to make changes, it’s better to rip out one piece than an entire garment. Enjoy the knitting process, you are still finishing in a fraction of the time it would take to hand knit our project.
  7. Take notes
    Write directly on your pattern anything that you might need to remember for the next piece or the next time you knit this garment.
  8. Block your pieces before assembly
    Like swatching, blocking is not optional! Even blankets are greatly improved with steam or wet blocking. Why spend your time on something that is going to look like a used dishrag without blocking?
  9. Take time with finishing
    Hurrying this process can ruin a project. If you are struggling with a finishing technique, use your swatch to practice before working on your finished garment.
  10. Wear/use your finished item with pride!Is it perfect? Probably not … but don’t point out the flaws to anyone. For some reason in an attempt to be humble, many knitters point out their mistakes. Keep them to yourself and accept the compliments as they come!

Bite Size DesignaKnit – Stitch Repeats

Bite Size DesignaKnit – Stitch Repeats


When creating or copying stitch patterns in DesignaKnit, it’s easy to make mistakes.

Check the pattern BEFORE you start knitting.

  1. Click – Edit – Repeats
  2. Enter 2 horizontally and 2 vertically
  3. You’ll see 4 repeats of the pattern, enough to see if everything lines up the way you want
  4. Zoom to examine the pattern and edit if necessary



DIY Knitting machine tool caddy

DIY Knitting machine tool caddy

Let’s get organized!


Fellow machine knitter,  Ann-Blair White shared a DIY tip for storing all those bits and pieces that we use every day with our knitting machines.

She cut up tubes from the fabric store (you could use tubes from aluminum foil or pieces of PVC pipe).  She also suggested dollar store spice jars… can you think of something else?

A little tape keeps them all together and upright – perfect for storing your tools and making them easily accessible.

Thanks for the tip, Ann-Blair!


knitting machine tool caddy