Pants Fitting

Pants Fitting

Don’t feel badly if any of the below facts apply to the body you happened to have inherited. You’re in great company. And, remember the saying “Nobody’s Perfect”. In this case those words have a definite meaning.

So, take a deep breath, stand tall, and get ready to look long and hard into a mirror for a truthful evaluation of what you have to work with, or over.  Then take measurements and knit garments that will flatter the figure you have!

  1. Thighs measure larger than hips – Saddle Bags, Thigh Bulges.
  2. Bulges at high hip, just below waistline – Low Love Handles.
  3. One hip higher than other – from carrying the kids.
  4. One thigh larger than other – carrying the kids again.
  5. Heavy thighs that touch, from crotch down almost to knee.
  6. Knees that bump together with opening above – Knock Knees.
  7. Gaps between legs from crotch to ankle – Bow Legs.
  8. Natural waistline is lower in front – front tilt.
  9. Natural waistline is lower in back – Sway Back.
  10. Natural waistline rides up over a poochy tummy.
  11. Excessively wide crosswise in hip area.
  12. Flat shaped, or no derriere to speak of
  13. A prominent, or protruding, posterior – Back Porch
  14. Any combination of the above.
  15. All of the above.
Jodie Raymond’s e-Book “Let’s Knit Some Slacks” offers suggestions for alterations to slacks patterns to accommodate these types of figure flaws

  • Crotch width
  • Crotch depth
  • Darts

Plus ideas for knitting custom styles to match current fashions!


Machine Knit Christmas Tree Skirts

Machine Knit Christmas Tree Skirts

This poor little tree needs a Skirt!

Let’s grab some colorful yarn and knit a circle.

Simple or complex, you can knit a new tree skirt in a weekend.

 Knit Wedges Knit wedges by increasing or decreasing.

Stitch the wedges together or use sew-as-you-go



Here are some more SAYG (sew-as-you-go) tricks.
 Play with color
  • Alternate the wedge colors
  • Vertical Stripes
  • Horizontal Stripes

Perfect Jog-less stripes

Insert a punchcard and set for fairisle.  Lock the card and knit vertical stripes
Add texture Add a Cable or two
Color Block Cables
 Knit in 1 piece with shortrows Alternate colors in the wedges or knit solid Embellish with ready-made holiday themed ribbon, snowflakes or iron-ons

Dowager’s Hump Alteration for Machine Knitters

Dowager’s Hump Alteration for Machine Knitters

As we age, our bodies change. A common fit problem for older women is the back of a sweater or jacket riding up. Perhaps the back length of your favorite sweaters isn’t quite as comfortable as it once was.

Looking from the side, you may notice that you need more length in the center back.
By using short rows while you are knitting, you can easily lengthen your garment in the center back without changing the side seam length.


  • A widow with a title or property derived from her late husband
  • A dignified elderly woman

(I prefer the second definition … don’t you?)

dowagers hump adjustment

We are not all the same (thank goodness!)

We are not all the same (thank goodness!)


xSmall – Small – Medium – Large – 1x – 2x – 3x – 4x -5x

People come in all shapes and sizes … so should patterns!

Going forward, Knit it Now Patterns for Women will now include a larger range of sizes – from 28″ bust to 60″

Each measurement in the pattern is graded individually.  The patterns are not just randomly enlarged by percentages.

When you build (select your size and enter your gauge) your pattern, you will print out the pattern in one size. This simplifies the pattern you work from and eliminates extra numbers for all the sizes


KIN pattern instruction are easier to read

Traditional Patterns:

Cast on 124 (126, 128, 132, 134, 136, 138, 142, 150) stitches.

Please take a look, comment below and tell us what you think.

Don’t Panic – Repair Punchcard Mistakes

Don’t Panic – Repair Punchcard Mistakes

Punching your own punchcards can be rewarding.  Discovering a new-to-you machine knitting stitch pattern and bringing it to life is one of the many joys of machine knitting.

It’s easy to make mistakes, but just as easy to fix them … or alter a stitch pattern and make a new design!

  1. Cut a small piece of Scotch tape and paste from the back side of the card, blocking the mispunched hole.
  2. From the front side of the card, fill the hole with a cutting (punched out circle of card).  This sticks on the tape pasted from the back.
  3. Cover with another piece of Scotch tape from the front
  4. If the piece of tape is too large and covers a part of the holes around the one being corrected, carefully re-punch these holes.


repair_hole2 Repair punchcard mistakes repair_hole3

No cost tool for machine knitters

No cost tool for machine knitters

No-cost tool

Take a stiff business card or an old credit card and cut it to make a latch opener.

Open all the latches before re-hanging stitches. Slip the angled edge of the tool under the latches to close them.

Use the straight edge to slip under the latches and close them.. Closing the latches will make knitting easier any time you have more than 1 stitch on a needle. There is less chance that the latch will catch causing a jam or mis-formed stitches.

knitting machine tool


Fearless Cut ‘n Sew

Fearless Cut ‘n Sew

fearless_cut_n_sewDo you remember the first time you cut into something you knit?  That moment of panic?

Watch as clothing designer Peggy Sagers of Silhouette patterns re-fashions a ready to wear sweater with cut ‘n sew.

Not only does she chop off the sleeves of this expensive sweater, she adds french darts as well.  The before and after photos are amazing!

You will be inspired.


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