Short Rows and Wrapping

While machine knitting short rows (partial knitting), to prevent holes care has to be taken.

Think of it this way, if you knit across a few stitches and put the rest of the needles in hold position, when you knit back, the working yarn will just knit the first stitch and it will leave a hole.

Short row shaping is used so often, we’ve created an ENTIRE CLASSROOM on the subject

In this example, on the 2nd row, the working yarn is wrapped around the gatepeg, leaving a hole (no gatepegs? The process is the same)
Wrap the first held needle. When that stitch is finally knit, the wrap will be knit along with the stitch and a hole will be prevented

This is an example of a Manual Wrap. Another option is to use the Automatic Wrap method.

Prevent this!

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