Brother 970 CB-1 Box

The Brother electronic knitting machines can be a bit mysterious. While the electronics were cutting edge at the time, today they can be just plain confusing.

Brother 970 knitting machine CB-1 Box

The CB-1 box is a step up from the Brother 940 or 965i. It has a graphical interface (80’s style). There are a lot of graphics and power packed into the tiny 3″ x 1″ screen.

For most, creating and editing stitch patterns is the main use of the CB-1 box. The steps for using stitch patterns are very linear. The challenge is learning the icons assigned to each task. Knit it Now has created a Brother 970 Classroom with a series of tutorials that walk you through the basics of using the CB-1 box for stitch patterning.

Remember, it’s the automatic needle selection along with the needle positions AND the carriage settings that create stitch patterns on your Brother 970

One solution for bypassing the tiny screen is using DesignaKnit. With DAK you can create your stitch patterns on a normal computer screen and download it to the CB-1 box to control the needle selection. The Tutorial DAK to Brother 970 Download walks you through the steps

Did you know the CB-1 box can be used as a row counter? If you don’t have a mechanical row counter for your machine, check out this free tutorial.

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