Plaiting on the Knitting Machine

Have you tried Plaiting on your machine?

Plaiting is an interesting technique.  It’s simply a way to knit 2 strands of yarn together with them aligned in such a way that one color shows on one side of the knitting and the other color shows on the opposite side.

On some knitting machines, you need to change out the yarn feeder and insert a special plaiting feeder.  Not all machines have plaiting capability.

NOTE: you are knitting with 2 strands of yarn, so you need to use finer yarn that you would normally for your machine.

Here’s a short video on how it works on the LK-150 (the plaiting feature is built-in)

2 Strands Plaited:

plaiting on the knitting machine

2 strands simply knitted together:

Without the plaiting feeder on your knitting machine, the strands are twisted and the colors show randomly for a “marled” effect.

plaiting on the Knitting machine

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