12 Reasons to Knit this Blanket (and lessons learned)

One-Piece Fisherman Rib Blanket

  1. Make-in-a-Weekend
  2. “Instant” gratification
  3. Only 1 panel
  4. Updated design
  5. Stripes with minimal yarn ends
  6. Under $30
  7. Put your ribber to work
  8. Discover Fisherman Rib
  9. Build your ribber confidence
  10. No swatching needed
  11. Perfect your Kitchener Cast on and Bind off
  12. No punchcard or stitch patterning (unless you want to)
  • Fisherman Rib knits up WIDE (hmmm… larger garment widths)
  • Watching the colors change is FUN!
  • All that practice of ribbing cast ons was sooo worth it!
  • If I had swatched …. I would have knit at a looser tension and the blanket would have been even wider
  • If I had swatched, I would have KNOWN how long it was going to be 🙂
  • Tubular bind off always takes longer than I expect … “Honey dinner has to wait until I finish this”

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