What if I don’t have a sweater that fits?

With Knit it Now Perfect Fit™ Patterns, we recommend measuring a sweater you LOVE and use those dimensions for your next sweater.  When you measure your body, you then have to account for ease.  

Why not establish your preferred measurement and ease based on a garment you can try on BEFORE you start knitting?

Linda asked:
What if I don’t have a sweater that fits?”

You have options:

1. Use a tee shirt or other knit garment that you have.  In the course I used some tank tops for my measurements.

2. Measure sweaters you have and identify why they “don’t fit” – More than likely you like the sleeves of one and the body of another and the length of a third.  The goal is to identify what you like.

3. Go to the store and try on some sweaters.  (you have an excuse to go shopping!) Find what you like about each one.  Take a tape measure with you and make notes.  This will go a long way to simplifying the process.
Think of it this way … 
Many knitters will start with a sweater knitting pattern in a standard size, guessing how much ease there is and guessing what size to knit.
They then spend the time knitting it only to be disappointed with some part of the fit.
You’ll be more successful if you start with identifying what you like first, then building your knitting pattern to match.  More than likely your first try will be close, but you will want to “tweak” things a bit. 

Determining your dimensions first eliminates a lot of trial and error.

Why knit a sweater, try it on and be disappointed?  Determine what you like FIRST … then get knitting!

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