Interesting Vintage Machine – Regina Royal II

Interesting Vintage Machine – Regina Royal II

Merit shared a photo of a new-to-her machine a Regina Royal II. (Her mother purchased this machine in 1975)

She is a hand knitter who is new to machine knitting, but she’s had quite a bit of success already with her machine. (Congrats!)  She is just finishing up a cardigan for her daughter and plans to hand knit the ribbing.

Merit was wise to start with the main bed only and not try to tackle the ribber.  Now that she has some experience under her belt, the ribber won’t be as overwhelming and will expand the capabilities of her machine.

One advantage of a manual machine (no punchcard or electronics) is that it it soooo much easier to learn!  You get a better understanding of the workings of the machine and the relationship between the needle positions and the settings on the carriage. I wish every MKer could start with a manual machine (or at least ignore automatic patterning in the beginning)

Notice the cup near the yarn mast for cakes of yarn ….

Merit asked if anyone has any information about her new friend, Regina.

Have you seen this one before?

Here’s a link to an advertisement for this vintage machine  … price £23



  1. I love this machine. I had no idea they made this newer version. I have an older version that looks like is from the 1950s but no ribber. I’ve been searching everywhere for another one with a ribber. I’d take even a new one like this if I can’t find the old one! Does this new machine have sinkers? That’s what I love about mine. The Kniitax/knitking have sinkers as well. You don’t need weights. You can do patterns if you have a silver Jac 40. The patterns are easier to find than the gold Jac 40 that are for the Knittax/Knitking. The silver Jac can be used for Passap machines as well.

    • Hello Veronica, so nice to hear from you! Exciting to hear that Regina machines have been manufactured for such a long time. What really puzzles me, is that there is so little information on the internet about this machine. (At least, I have been able to find very little information…
      My mother purchased this machine in (appr,) 1975, I was about 8 years old then. I often watched her knitting on it, but haven’t tried to work with it until this spring – and I really regret that I haven’t tried this earlier. The machine is in good shape, and it’s so exciting to try out different techniques and patterns. The machine has got sinkers, I totally agree with you concerning the sinkers!


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