Scrap off and Rehang – Machine Knitters Friend


New knitter Maryanne was frustrated with “scrap off and rehang”.

It’s important for new knitters to understand this concept, it’s used quite often in machine knitting.

  • Working each side of a neckline separately
  • Holding shoulder stitches for joining later
  • Knit bands to re-hang and join

We suggested:

  • Use a highly contrasting color scrap yarn
  • Learn to identify the knit an purl sides
  • Focus on picking up the garment yarn (grey) NOT the scrap yarn (yelow)








Here’s another use for “scrap off and rehang”:


Scrapping off your work before starting a new section or just to preserve a section of your knitting is worth the extra effort.
If (when) mistakes happen give yourself the gift of being able to rip back to your lifeline and not have to start again.

Watch the video


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