Backwards and upside down


Tubular knitting is an easy technique and has lots of possibilities, but . . . . how do you bind off?

Think about it … maybe you normally use a round-the-gate peg bind off, and you start on the right side of the main bed. What happens when it comes time to bind off the ribber stitches … ever try working backwards and upside down on the ribber?
To bind off circular knitting, knit a few rows of waste yarn and drop the work from the machine. Then you have some better bind off choices:

  1. Pick up the garment stitches on a circular knitting needle and work any hand knitting bind off of your choice
  2. Work a sewn bind off similar to the one shown HERE
  3. Knit the last row of your garment yarn very loosely, remove the work on waste yarn, then work a stitch-through-stitch bind off with your latch tool

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