Diary of a tired machine knitter :-)

Watch the video “Rip and Rehang”
What happens when you should have quit an hour ago?  Why do we always want to finish … just one more section?

Knitting merrily along (in tuck) and oops!

I was determined not to rip both the bodice and the entire skirt …..

DUHHHH…. remember lifelines?

Instead of giving up and tossing the whole thing, I carefully picked up the stitches at the decorative join. I experimented with a couple of different methods to pick up those darned, teeny, tiny stitches:

  1. Tiny circular hand knitting needle
  2. Darning needle and ravel cord
  3. Double Eye needle and Ravel cord
  4. Blocking wire
  5. Wire from ribber cast on comb

Can you guess which one worked best?
Whew, I saved it! …. lights out … tomorrow is another day!

Watch the video “Rip and Rehang”

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One thought on “Diary of a tired machine knitter :-)

  1. Kerry

    January 19, 2018 at 8:11am

    I just watched the short video on having the stitches drop off when doing tuck stitch and how to pick up stitches to continue. Well yes I can testify that when you are tired you need to let it go and go to bed! I was making socks, all was going well, I forgot to change some buttons to continue doing circular and when I finished the best sock I have ever made….realised I had knitted it together at one point. And it has to be the best sock I have made!! I had unpicked 5 times that day because I was pushing it and getting more tired by the minute. So yes knitting when tired wont have a good outcome.

  2. Carol

    January 19, 2018 at 8:17am

    Your last video and ripping out in tuck sang to me. Thank you for being so real in your comments and instructions. You probably save many the headaches that come from the craft we so love. I truly appreciate the learning I can do through your instructions.

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