Best Machine Knitting Table … EVER!

Best Machine Knitting Table … EVER!

The best knitting machine table …. EVER!

I’ve been using this table for a few weeks and it is the STURDIEST table I’ve ever used!

Even my bulky machine with a ribber won’t move it!  No “walking”, to wobble …. adjustable!

As you can see,  there is even room on the back to hold everything (and collect  odds ‘n ends)

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  1. I’m standing at my new machine table at a height of 35″ (countertop height is 36″) Stand at your kitchen sink and see what you think…. I’m on the tall side, 5’9″, but the table is adjustable to any height.. BTW – I use a standing desk, too!

  2. I use an Ikea kitchen countertop height table for my knitting machines. I mount a bulky on one side of the table and my midgauge on the other side. My knitting room is very small, so I can turn the unused machine to the wall by just reversing the table. I stand to do most of my knitting, but I love the fact that this table you are showing is adjustable.


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