Look Familiar? – Damage when working Short Rows

When shaping necklines, machine knitting instructions will often read:

  • Opposite the carriage, put xxx stitches in hold position
  • Set carriage to hold
  • Shape one side of the neckline (Shaping Instructions here)
  • When complete, return held needles to working position
  • Knit 2nd side, reversing the shaping

When done, you’ve created your V neck (Round Neck or split neckline) opening.


Machine Knit Shaped Neckline

[wp-svg-icons icon=”youtube” wrap=”h2″]Video: Easy Round Neck Shaping


Sometimes you’ll experience damage to the stitches that are left in hold.

Think about it … as they are waiting to be knit, the carriage and brushes are passing back and forth over these stitches repeatedly. You’ll see brush marks and even a dirty line across those held stitches.

The best solution:

Instead of holding one side, remove it on waste yarn (scrap off). The little bit of extra time it takes to scrap off and rehang will save those delicate stitches every time!



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  1. Gabrielle Pescador

    December 4, 2017 at 1:57pm

    Good idea!

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