Use Any Yarn on the Knitting Machine (almost)

Use Any Yarn on the Knitting Machine (almost)

Use any yarn on the knitting machine


Sadly, sources for yarn that is put up on cones has dwindled greatly. Most mills don’t put yarn up on cones for home knitters.

If you haven’t tried using hand knitting yarn in balls, hanks or skeins … you are missing out.

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Balls, Hanks, Skeins, Cones … if the yarn fits your machine, you can use it!

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Use a ball winder for skeins and hanks.  Some machine knitters re-wind balled yarn as well.



Often yarn can be knit without re-winding



Use multiple strands of lace weight yarn to create the weight you want for your machine. Create a marled look by mixing strands and colors

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  1. I have quite a bit of yarn on cones, but I use the hand knitting stuff mostly. Some of it is
    amazing when knit up, as to colour and texture. Most stuff in hand knitting books is
    using thicker yarns than they used to, especially the really thick yarns for those huge
    The Garter Carriage can use some thicker yarns as well, and makes beautiful patterns.
    So the hand knitting yarn is very useful. The first sweater I made was back in 1989 using
    Aran yarn ( I only had a chunky machine at the time )

    Anyway, that’s my statement and I’m sticking to it.


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