Easier on the eyes

Since switching to bi-focal glasses, it was a challenge to see the mast tension dial settings on my machine.

With marks at the center points, I can make precise tension adjustments more easily.

Not sure why you’d use the mast tension dial?

Hand knitters can change needle sizes to adjust the gauge of their knitting. Another of the many advantages of machine knitting is to quickly make tension changes with both the carriage tension dial and the mast tension setting.

  • Quickly match a pattern gauge
  • Change gauge while knitting for interesting texture and fabric
  • Improve the quality of your knitting with gauge changes
  • Troubleshoot knitting problems with gauge changes

Many machine knitters cause themselves problems by ignoring the mast tension. They often struggle matching stitch and row gauge because they haven’t mastered both carriage and mast tension settings for their machines.
This tutorial introduces you to the magical world of tension adjustments.

Watch the Tension Setting Essentials video

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