Got Favorites? Customize your Knit it Now pages

Our Learning Library is getting bigger and bigger!

There are so many ways to find information on the website.

  1. Use the Search Box at the top of every page
  2. Use the Advanced Search in the Learning Library
  3. Browse by Category in the Learning Library
  4. Use the Tag Library
  5. Create your own personal “Favorites” Library



  1. I’m definitely going to use “favorites,” thanks! Another Great idea! I always tell other machine knitters about your wonderful site and the response is always, “Yeah, I know, I’m a member.”

  2. Thank you for this wonderful site. It has been encouraging and a wonderful resource for machine knitting and “how to’s” I have forgotten over the years of little use due to career and family needs.

  3. I think this is a great site as I just have to click a button and what I want comes up right away!! It’s magic. Thank you.


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