Problem yarn on your knitting machine? Try this tip

Problem yarn on your knitting machine? Try this tip

Some yarn on cones is produced specifically for industrial knitting machines.  The yarn is treated  so it will pass easily through the mechanisms of the machines.

For machine knitters, this means 2 things.

    1. You should ALWAYS dress your swatch. Wash and dry the swatch as you you will be caring for your finished garment.   This will not only give you a true gauge, it will remove any finish that may have been applied to the yarn in the manufacturing process. (If your yarn requires dry cleaning, I suggest hand washing a swatch in cold water.)
    2. If you are working with cotton, linen or vintage (old) yarn, wax the working yarn as you knit. Many knitters find this helpful in working with diffficult yarns.  At one time there were yarn sprays that also helped with static and dry yarn, but adding more chemicals to your environment is not the best choice.
knitting yarn on cones
Brother machines came with a ring of wax that fit around a post on the mast.
A small bit of wax will transfer to the yarn and may make knitting easier.
knittingyarn on cones


Do you wax the yarn as you knit? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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  1. This is a good tip. Thank you I already do this as I had a problem yarn a few years ago and one of my knitting friends suggested this.

  2. I ALWAYS wax my yarn(s). I run the yard under the wax which is on the pin, but I see that you have the wax cut in half or quarter, and then run the yarn over the wax. Is this method better, i.e. does more wax get transferred to the yarn?

    • Elsa, you are correct, running the yarn under the wax works better. In the photo is a piece of candle and I wanted to make sure you could see the yarn.


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