Color Play – a Confession

Color Play – a Confession

A confession … I’m not very good with color. I’m a “plain jane” knitter. If it’s not a single color, I tend to choose 3 shades of blue to be safe.

With that being said, our pillow project (Make it Your Way Diagonal Pillow) cried for some color. I went to my stash and found a few cones of Yeoman Tibet. But what colors worked?

Many years ago, at a seminar, I remember the demonstrator (I think it was Michael Becker) suggested the following method to choose colors.

Yeoman Tibet – 3 ply – Wool, Silk and Nylon

Playing it safe …. BORING!
Add the rust color …. getting interesting….
Oops … the lilac just doesn’t do it!
Hmmmm …. looking good!


Random 4 row stripes …. so many possibilities!


Here’s the pillow

check out the weekend project

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