Finish your edges and hems … or not???

Looking at ready-to-wear clothing (not just knits), you may have noticed that the “unfinished” look is popular. You’ll see knit fabrics with serged edges or raw edges (heaven forbid!)

When I learned to sew, I was taught that the inside of a garment should look as beautiful as the outside of the garment.  These days that concept is reserved for “couture” sewing.

Many knitters and knitwear designers have moved away from having ribbing on everything. (Good news if you don’t have a ribber).  But the old-fashioned seamstress in me has a hard time just working an e-wrap cast on and calling it a day.


Rolled Hem Study tutorial for Machine Knitting[/one_half]


A rolled hem is one thing, but IMHO (in my humble opinion), it’s not appropriate for all garments.  Sometimes the yarn and stitch pattern don’t lend themselves to a rolled edge either.

Check our our Rolled Hem Study tutorial in the Learning Library[/one_half_last]


Working crochet around the edges of your knitting can give you the best of both worlds.  You can achieve a nicely finished edge, with the “unfinished” look that is popular.

We used the crochet edge shown above on our Niagara Duster dynamic pattern.

The sample was knit in a tuck and the edges didn’t roll nicely. This crochet edge looks good on both sides … perfect for the waterfall front edge of this design. This pattern was written in S-M-L-XL-PLUS.  Ours is knit in Yeoman Vancouver – a thick and thin, lightweight 2 ply yarn. It’s a cotton blend … great for spring and summer.  Yeoman Vancouver by Yeoman Yarns

With our Dynamic Pattern, you can use any yarn you like … and any stitch pattern.

Don’t need the duster length?  Easy instructions for shortening the pattern are included. This style would be great as a high-hip length cardi … with short sleeves … hmmmm … so many options … so little time!

Niagara Waterfall Duster

Niagra Waterfall Duster - Dynamic Pattern



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