5 ways to get a pattern for machine knitting

5 ways to get a pattern for machine knitting




Machine knitters often complain that there aren’t enough updated patterns that are written for their machines.

BUT there are LOTS of ways of creating just the pattern you want.  It takes a little creativity and patience.

Not having slick magazines featuring machine knitting patterns is NO EXCUSE for not using your machine to it’s fullest.

Use a hand or machine knitting pattern and match the gauge.

With experience, and some swatching, it’s possible to match the gauge of a published pattern, even if you aren’t using the exact same yarn as the designer.

With hand knitting patterns, you must determine if all the techniques included are possible on the knitting machine. You also need to make sure you have enough needles to knit the garment according to the pattern.

Sometimes matching gauge CAN BE A PAIN!

Manually Draft your own Patterns

The math to create our own knitting patterns isn’t too difficult. There are many, many books available with different approaches to using pencil and paper to chart your own patterns.  By doing it yourself, you can fit your garments to your own measurements perfectly and not have to rely on any designer’s idea of ease and style.

If you are math impaired (like me), just thinking about charting can make you cry. Many knitters enjoy the challenge.

Use Software (DesignaKnit, Garment Designer etc)

Instead of pencil, paper, ruler and calculator, use computer software to draft your own patterns.  Most software has  “standard” or “basic” styles that you can quickly get knitting without any modification.  They also offer you the ability to make small or major changes to the basic design.

Software can be pricey.
The learning curve on most software can be steep.  You may not want to spend more time at the computer than at the knitting machine.

Charting Devices (Knit Leader, Knit Radar, etc)

Charting devices are available for most of our machines.  With them, you can draw out an outline of your garment piece, then follow the outline for the shaping of your piece as you knit.

Many, many knitters use and LOVE their charting devices.  They use sewing patterns to create their own knitting patterns.  They may also combine other charting methods (including software) with their charting device.

Finding a charting device for older knitting machines may be expensive and/or problematic.  There is a learning curve, but once you understand how they work, you may be hooked!


When I first started knitting (actually for the first few years) I made myself crazy because I couldn’t settle on which of these charting methods was best for me.  I spent too much time at the computer or working with pencil and paper and got discouraged and overwhelmed when it came time to sit down at the knitting machines.

We developed the Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns to reduce this frustration for knitters.

Choose a basic garment shape.  Add sleeve styles, body styles etc and find a just the right sweater design. Use your favorite yarn. You don’t need to match gauge …. knit a swatch and determine your OWN gauge.

Get knitting FAST!

Right now, there are over 270 garment styles for you to choose (only 270+)  :o)

We allow you to make some modifications (adjust lengths, neckline depths, etc).  But in the interest of keeping things simple, we don’t allow a lot of changes to the patterns.

Our Dynamic Patterns are not software … there is nothing to install or maintain. We subscribe to the KISS Method of creating machine knitting patterns. (keep it simple, silly)

  • Choose your style
  • Choose your size
  • Enter your gauge

Interested in learning more about Dynamic Patterns?
Watch these free videos:

Knit – Don’t do Math!

“The Basics” – Custom Knitting Patterns

Dynamic Patterns in Action


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