Finish a neckline in 30 minutes or less!

Finish a neckline in 30 minutes or less!

Borrowed from the sewing world, we recently re-discovered fold-over elastic.

Fold-over elastic is a soft elastic that comes in a variety of sizes and a HUGE range of colors (Google it … you’ll be surprised). It washes beautifully.

This product is constructed with a crease down the exact center that makes it easy to apply to the edges of your knitting.

Cut ‘n Sew Necklines

Use foldover elastic for a super-fast, no-fuss finish on cut ‘n sew necklines.

Secure and cut your neckline opening. My serger was threaded up with red thread. The entire edge will be enclosed, so color doesn’t matter!

I used the Knit it Now Cut ‘n Sew Neckline Template to draw my neckline opening with a fabric marker and serged the opening. To be safe, I then used a small straight stitch on my regular sewing machine (in black) to secure the stitches.

Are you interested in learning more about Cut ‘n Sew?  Check out the Subscriber Series: Cut ‘n Sew – Introduction. 7 tutorials to jump start your creativity!

Simply encase your secured, cut edge in the elastic and stitch down with your sewing machine.  Practice on a swatch.  You may need to stretch the elastic slightly as you sew.  Because of the construction of the elastic it’s easy to stitch both sides of the elastic at the same time … it’s practically foolproof!

I used 1″ foldover elastic and it easily covered the raw edges

Modern Edge Finishes

Consider foldover elastic for a clean, updated finish on the front edge of cardigan … or the hems and cuffs …


BTW – this fairisle stitch pattern is KIN0319 – you can find it in the Stitch Library – (free for subscribers)

Skirt and Pant Waistbands

MaryAnne Oger of Knitwords has used foldover elastic for years for the top of skirts. If you aren’t familiar with MaryAnne’s work, she is one of the most creative and prolific machine knitters I know.  Check out her blog to see what she’s up to!

Foldover elastic is the best invention! Use it to finish FAST!


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