Not Enough Needles?

Not Enough Needles?

A fellow knitter recently asked about our pet vest pattern. As a new knitter, she was surprised that her pattern instructed her to cast on 180 stitches. “That sounds like a lot of stitches for my little dog”.

Her gauge is 9 stitches to the inch. (Yes she is knitting it VERY tightly for warmth) Her dog measures 20″ at the chest.

We’ve heard this question quite a few times when new knitters are planning a hat. (When I started hand knitting I thought 80 stitches was too many) An average adult head is about 20″

Below are some examples at common gauges.

Are you surprised at the number of needles needed?

If you don’t have enough needles, check out the Knit it Now Subscriber Series “Not Enough Needles” for a collection of  tips and ideas for knitting wider fabrics.


Stitch Gauge (in inches) Stitches needed
4 20″ x 4 = 80sts
5 20″ x 5 = 100sts
6 20″ x 6 = 120sts
7 20″ x 7 = 140sts
8 20″ x 8 = 160sts
9 20″ x 9 = 180sts

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