Happy Valentines Day – Heart Motif

Mix ‘n Match hearts.  Take a simple motif and make it special! Embellish a sweater, create a special pillow or blanket … expand your horizons, dust off your knitting machine and play!

  1. Take a single motif and place it on the cuff of a sweater…. or the center back.

  2. Line up the motif in parallel rows and columns – vary the number of rows worked between each row.

  3. Alternate the position of the motif for an all over pattern – notice how the hearts seem to create a lattice effect.

  4. Put a few ribber needles in work between the columns of hearts.

  5. Use slip instead of tuck for a more subtle texture.

This is a simple pattern to punch, program or hand manipulate …. how will you use it?

Find the DAK files and punchcard templates in the Knit it Now Stitch Pattern Library

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One thought on “Happy Valentines Day – Heart Motif

  1. rozporter

    February 14, 2017 at 7:39am

    Super idea

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