Does patterning on your machine make you cringe?

Does patterning on your machine make you cringe?
Learning to master your knitting machine is an on-going process.

  • Are you comfortable with tuck/slip/fairisle/lace on YOUR machine?
  • Do you shy away from stitch patterns because you think they are hard?
  • Could you work a round neck while knitting in pattern?

What are your biggest challenges when working automatic patterning?



  1. I’m having issues with dropped stitches when I try to knit a slip pattern on a full bed. My samples come out great but anytime I try for a bigger piece (more than 80 needles) it comes out as a looped mess of dropped stitches. I’ve added more weight, which didn’t solve it, could my sponge bar be the culprit? I’m changing that today to see. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I’ve had this same problem on both tuck and slip with full bed and found the culprit was me…I had to slow down a bit at the end stitches… Which was a surprise because it’s not like you speed knit these stitches anyway. Hope this helps someone.

  3. I hate to say this, but i would not fashion the neckline on the machine, but reaort to cut and sew when using patterning on the machine. This also includes using the GC patterns.

    • Getta,
      I agree! But there are “purists” out there that don’t use or haven’t tried cut ‘n sew. :o)

  4. I know I need to practice more, but am nervous about decreasing or increasing using patterns. Especially tuck as it can be difficult to keep the loops on the needles

  5. I have a Brother bulky KH-270 which I just love and I am new to machine knitting but I also have
    Brother KH-970 this machine belonged to a teacher it has everything CB1, garter carriage this machine intimidates me but I was told just to do a little every day and stay with it and not to try to get it all at once so that’s what I’m problem is when I use the garter carriage and i start to cast on it knits 4 stitches drops 4 stitches all the way to the end what am I doing wrong?

    • May I please make one suggestion? Put away one machine for now and master one first. I also agree with the advice … do a little bit every day … don’t let it overwhelm you!

      Finish small projects …even if it’s charity knitting. This will give you experience and confidence in your machine so you can take on bigger projects. Stick with one yarn for a while. Why throw in another variable when you are learning your machine.

      The garter carriage is a great tool, but as a beginner, I think it’s much more important that you master your machine, learn about what yarns you like and how they knit up. Learn about all the buttons and levers on the main bed. Practice finishing techniques. If you are knitting sweaters for yourself, find a basic pattern that you like and get it to fit you. Then play with stitch patterns and different yarns.

      OK _ off my soapbox … LOL

      RE the stitches dropping on cast on. I’ve never made friends with my garter carriage. I find it slow and frustrating (they don’t call it the “turtle” for nothing). I also never understood using it to cast on.

      Have you tried this?

      Cast on with waste yarn and ravel cord.
      Hang some weight evenly
      Work a loose closed cast on with your garment yarn.
      THEN fire up your garter carriage and start knitting.
      Hope this helps.



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