Starting your knitting with waste yarn and ravel cord is a machine knitting staple technique.

Why Scrap and Ravel?

  • Use waste knitting to hang cast on comb and/or weights
  • Protect delicate/fine yarns
  • Immediately start patterning (tuck, lace, etc) with weights in place
  • Leave waste knitting in place to make blocking easier – especially for edges that roll

Scrap and Ravel Cast on

  1. Chose a yarn that is appropriate for your machine
  2. Cast on with any method
  3. Knit a few rows – end with the carriage on the left.
  4. Knit 1 row of ravel cord (smooth, slippery yarn – crochet cotton works great)
  5. Cast on over the ravel cord with your garment yarn
  6. Knit your piece
  7. After blocking, pull out the ravel cord and remove the waste yarn.
When non-machine knitters hear the term waste yarn, they often cringe.  Spinners especially are uncomfortable thinking about “wasting yarn”.  I’ve even known machine knitters who unravel and re-use waste yarn (even though they have dozens of cones sitting in their stash) … .but that’s a topic for another soapbox post.
scrap and ravel for machine knitting waste knitting for machine knitting

Scrap and Ravel Cast on for Machine Knitters