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The most common use of ravel cord is to separate waste (scrap) knitting from your main knitting.

OK, I know that caps is considered “yelling” on the web … but I’m on my soapbox.

Scrap and ravel for machine knitting  ravel_cord1


I recently had a friendly discussion with 2 very experienced machine knitters who told me that they are still using the original ravel cord that came with their machines.  One confessed that she washes her cord when it gets grungy. Yikes!

I love the freedom of using any suitable yarn as  ravel cord and having the ability to cut it.  I’ve never been able to keep track of those little pieces that came with my machine.

Crochet cotton is my go-to for scrap and ravel.  It’s inexpensive.  Ecru or white colors seems to work with most yarns I use.  It’s smooth, strong and slippery … and I can toss the scraps when I’m done!

I’m not saying you need to go out and buy a cone of ravel cord, but perhaps there is something in your stash that you could use. I use the yarns shown (the first one I can locate when I’m in a hurry).

Characteristics of Ravel cord

  • Similar weight to your garment yarn
  • Contrasting color
  • Smooth and slippery
  • Strong (you have to cut it and can’t break it with your hands)

machine knitting ravel cord

Ravel Cord Options – click for larger image

OK – Off my soapbox … back to knitting 🙂