Learning to master your knitting machine is a journey.

  • Where are you on the journey?
  • Are you having fun?
  • Why did you start machine knitting in the first place?
  • What are your goals?

I’ve been asking myself these questions a lot recently …   It’s so easy to get distracted by the next “bright, shiny” thing.

If you have multiple machines, can you say you’ve “mastered” at least one of them?  Jumping from gauge, to gauge, machine, to machine and yarn to yarn is fun.  But it can be frustrating too. If your goal is to knit a sweater that fits, you won’t have success by jumping around. Master one machine, and learn the characteristics of one yarn.

If you started knitting to make your self sweaters, when is the last time you knit something more than a swatch?  Why?

Find a pattern method that works for you and use it over and over.  EVERY successful  machine knitter I’ve ever met has chosen one method.  It may be DesignaKnit, the Knit Leader, hand drafted patterns, vintage patterns or even Knit it Now Dynamic patterns.  Knitters who jump from method to method struggle and can’t understand why they aren’t successful.

If you sew, you may have experienced the difference between Vogue Patterns and New Look patterns. They are sized differently and are drafted with different basic measurements.  As a seamstress you have to learn the adjustments to make to a commercial pattern to fit you.  Why do knitters forget this?

Just because knit “fabric” is more forgiving than woven fabric, do we think that we can “fudge” and a sweater will magically fit?

I’ve been driving myself crazy lately by sewing with both woven and knit fabrics. Duh…. Like yarns, the characteristics of different fabrics produce very different results.  A top sewn or a woven fabric can be completely different than a knit.

As machine knitters we create our own fabric.  We can choose any yarn and stitch pattern.  That is great … but it’s also a curse.  Use a bamboo yarn successfully and switch to a cotton with the same pattern and you’ll get a completely different result.

If your goal is to knit dishcloths and afghans, please ignore this rant.  If you are serious about knitting garments, please comment about your goals, reasons for knitting and experiences.