My trusty ribber recently was really difficult to push.  I wasn’t doing anything fancy and immediately checked the following:

  • Was the tension too tight on ribber or main bed?
  • I’d used this yarn many times, so I knew it wasn’t the yarn
  • Was the yarn hanging up?

None of these provided an answer.

Clue #1

I then realized that this was the first time I’d used my ribber since I removed it for another project.

Clue #2

I took the knitting off the machine and tried to re-engage the ribber connector on the left side of the bed.  I normally connect things and start knitting on the right.  I had to “jiggle” the connecting arm to get it to connect.  No problem on the right side … just the left.

Clue #3

      I remembered having a bit of trouble setting up the ribber.  But, as usual I was in a hurry ….

Clue #4  Ah ha!

Take a close look at the Setting Plates (what’s a Setting Plate? ).

This one has a gap
This setting plate is flush against the needlebed


I used my spanner, loosened the screw and slipped the Setting Plate into place (tight against the needlebed) … Voila mystery solved!

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