Troubleshooting tuck on the knitting machine

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s been a while since you’ve worked patterning on your knitting machine. You sit down to work a simple tuck stitch. In my case I downloaded a new stitch pattern from DAK… so far so good.

Run the carriage across the bed and select the first row of needles for tuck …. then knit back and arghhhh!!!! Loops and mess!

Looking closely at the needlebed, Brother knitters will recognize that I’ve set the pattern backwards.

The wrong needles are selected

The wrong needles are selected

The needles that are in working position will tuck, while the needles pulled out to middle position will knit. The way my bed is set up, all those crazy loops formed are because groups of 5 needles that are next to each other are trying to tuck.


Correct for tuck


No, no, no!

Luckily I was working with an electronic machine (Brother 970). All I had to do was change “negative” variation. This reverses the selected needles and I was off and running (knitting). Now, if I only could find the button that engages my memory…..

If you’d like more information about Pattern Variations on the Brother 970. Watch this video.

If you’d like more tips and excellent instruction about patterning on a variety of machines, take a look at Tami Nobyuki’s Workbook #3 “Pattern Knitting Techniques”.

Written in workbook style, this book helps you master stitch patterns on YOUR machine. Originally written for Japanese punchcard machines, the exercises apply to any machine. Each lesson builds on the knowledge gained from previous ones.

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