Swatching is NOT Optional

How many times have you knit something that just didn’t fit?  Have you ever had colors run or fade when you washed your sweater?

So many knitting disasters can be avoided by swatching and dressing your swatch.  Machine knitters have NO EXCUSE for not swatching!  We can knit multiple swatches quickly, testing stitch patterns and tensions.  Since we don’t have a lot of time invested, we can do the “throw-it-in-the-wash-with-jeans” test to see if a washable yarn will hold up.

Dressing a swatch: Washing, steaming, blocking the swatch as you will care for the finished garment. Dressing gives you a feel for how the fiber in the yarn will appear in the finished garment. It allows you to check for colorfastness and hand. The ONLY way to get an accurate knitting gauge is to dress your swatches.

Since I always hand wash my sweaters, I wet block my swatches and pieces as I’m knitting.  By wet blocking, I know exactly how the finished garment will look.


Watch the Wet Blocking Video


The Knit it Now dynamic pattern engine creates patterns based on your gauge. We do not suggest a gauge for any pattern. Everyone knits differently. Each knitting machine knits slightly differently.

One of the goals of Knit it Now patterns is to eliminate the tedious and time-consuming efforts in matching someone else’s gauge.

Knit your own swatch at a tension that feels good to you, then build the pattern based on your swatch.

machine knitting patterns

Learn more about Dynamic Patterns with this free video

You might fall in love with a pattern and the sample is knitted in a worsted weight yarn. Use your creativity and knit it in DK weight. Try holding 2 strands of yarn together for a completely different look. With the Knit it Now Pattern Engine, the sky is the limit!

Just remember ….. swatching is not optional! In order to create a pattern you must enter a gauge!

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One thought on “Swatching is NOT Optional

  1. Nancy Yergin

    January 20, 2018 at 9:54am

    Do you have any input on fabric steamers? I need a new one…my old SteamFast steamer leaks more than steams these days, so I’m in the market for a new one. So many advertised on-line are obviously intended for vertical use…not helpful for blocking knitted swatches or finished items. What do YOU use? Thanks for any suggestions. Love your blog! Nancy in PA.

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