A knitter recently asked about adding French Darts instead of horizontal bust darts for better fit.
I wholeheartedly agreed that this style of dart is much more flattering when sewing.
But I had never considered it for knitting. After “noodling” for a while, I realized why knitters don’t use French Darts.
French Darts in Knitting



When machine knitters create bust darts, we use short rows. Short Rows are worked over every other row.


This works out great for bust darts. In this example, the knitter would hold 3 stitches every other row 6 times for a nice, smooth dart shape.


What if you wanted transform the dart to a French Dart?


To create this shaping, the knitter would need to hold 2 stitches every THREE rows … no can do with short rows and maintain a clean finish.