Machine Knitted Baby Shoes


Inspired by cloth baby shoes, this knitted version is too cute!

All you need are  a couple of small swatches (or re-cycle a UFO in your stash), a small bit of fabric (a fat quarter is more than enough.  Add a little elastic, cut ‘n sew ….and you’ll have an adorable knitted baby gift in no time!

There are quite a few patterns for cloth baby shoes, this is the one I used .  I stitched one in some cotton yarn (with iron on interfacing) to understand the simple construction first.


The yarn is a cotton blend from Knit Picks **, Comfy Sport Yarn.  This sport weight has 136 yards to 50 grams or approx 1225 yards per pound. It’s heavy for the standard machine, so I knit it at tension 10++ . But I wanted a thick “shoe-like” fabric.

The toes are a garter stripe using the garter bar and the heels and soles are a 1×1 tuck.  In hindsight, I’d knit the heels and soles in stockinette.  They really didn’t need the bulk.


As I worked, I basted the fabric pieces to the knitted pieces for  stability. I zig-zagged around all the knitted pieces well.  A serger probably would have worked just as well.


** Do you love Knit Picks yarn? (I do!!!) If you buy your yarn through a link on our website or blog, Knit it Now receives a small portion of your purchase.

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One thought on “Machine Knitted Baby Shoes

  1. ade

    November 20, 2017 at 8:32am

    thanks for this write-up.
    please can you add a you-tube video to it or i wont mind you sending me a video of it.

  2. Author

    Knit it Now

    November 20, 2017 at 1:21pm

    Thank you for taking time to write. I’m sorry, there is no video for this … I like to remind machine knitters that they can combine our craft with sewing to make unusual crafts. Knit some yardage, and use this sewing pattern to make the booties.

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